Welcome to USHunter

Welcome to USHunter...maker of the Ultimate Shotgun Stand

Introducing the USHUNTER™ Ultimate Shotgun Stand. Safe and worry free, it keeps your gun out of the dirt, mud, snow or whatever element you'll find in the field. Slides on easily and stays on while you hunt. Specifically designed not to block the sights of your gun while shooting. It keeps your gun upright and off the ground, leaving your hands free to operate a box call or blow a goose call. Most importantly, it keeps your gun securely supported and you safe.

• Slides on/off easily
• Hands free operation
• Will not block sight plane
• High impact plastic construction
• Fits vented or plain barrels
• Good for still hunting situations
• Waterfowl Hunting
• Turkey Hunting
• Dove Hunting
• Predator Hunting
• Deer Hunting with Slugs
• Displays shotguns at sales counter

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